lunes, septiembre 23, 2013

SPCA Fundraise

 Unfortunately, every year hundreds of pets are abandoned. Some are lucky and they are abandoned in SPCA, many other no, they dead alone hit by cars, beaten or just hungry... His hope is that a good person will take pity on them and pick them up to lead to a SPCA
    I'm not proud at all to say that on my country, Spain, many, many people abandon their pets. It hurts me and should each of us... No one should allow any kind of animal abuse
    I do collaborate with a SPCA where I live: SCPA of Navarra. Is not a governmental entity (private non-profite organization). They fight for more than 30 years, for dignity, respect and responsibility of people towards pets with whom they live. They are volunteers & get help from more volunteers (animal shelter, donations,...).
    In the last months we had lot of rain and they lost the chance to move to a parcel because they often have flood hazard. Now they are in a small shed without playground zone for animals & they urgent need a good parcel to improve our animals conditions.
    Due my RL situation I can't do a big donation, but definetly I'd like to do a little more to help them and thought with my hobby/work here I can go a step forward and do it useful not only for me. And would like to ask for your help. 1 person can't do much... but together we already have done incredible things here in Second Life.

    You can find more info about the SPCA of Navarra & their work here:

Skin: Essences ~ CHO ~ noisette. (50% en todos los skins)
Hair: (Chemistry)

Bag: ::Una.:TRavel bag animals for Autumn Market Fair, a SPCA Fundraise

Outfit: J&A - Jumpsuit Cats Autumn Fair  for Autumn Market Fair, a SPCA Fundraise
Shoes: Essenz - Lisbon Red  for Autumn Market Fair, a SPCA Fundraise

Pose: ::WetCat::

Location: floorplan ♥ 

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